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We provide services that support deportees, Daca students, women and LGBT community. Our services help people who are deported or who voluntarily come to Mexico. Daca Dreamers Project is geared towards helping people have a safe and secure transition while adjusting to their new living environment. If you have a pacific need that you don’t see please email us.



Temporary Housing

We provide temporary and permanent housing in secure communities in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. We have many resources and providers.

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Contact Services

Contact services provides free phone calls to the US and Mexico for people who have had their phones and property taken after being deported.

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Asset Protection

We help migrants establish a financial foundation in Mexico. From gathering their assets and belongings from the US, opening a bank account or securing a trust, we can help you. We have legal services to help with immigration issues and more.

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Food and Clothing

Daca Dremers Assistance Project works with other organizations and local people whop have come through the program who love to support this project. People provide clothing and meals for those in need of support.

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Career Services

Daca Dreamers works with different supporters in different industries. We get students with degrees to little or no work experience. We provide a assessment test that helps us determine job placement. Students have even started their own business through our program.

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Career Services

Medical Services

Some deportees come to Mexico with trauma or wounds after being deported. We provide medical care and mental health services to ensure their safety while dealing with such a dramatic change. To be employed in Mexico you will need a medical certificate to get a job.

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Build A Secure Future

Secure Your Assets

Security is freedom! Our team provide a service that helps secure someone's assets in the state before or after being deported. You can email us if you have any questions.

Secure Your Assets

Invest In Your Future

Mexico is growing and more and more companies are becoming more innovating. Learn a skill, use your education and language propel you. Or start a business. We can show you the way.

Invest In Your Future

Creative Support

We understand ever person we support is different. Daca Dreamers does it's best to understand the indevidual's wants and need. Which help us direct and place someone in the right environment. Whether it's a job, living or business opportunity.
Creative support focuses on relating to or involving the persons imagination or original ideas to create something long lasting and that will creative energy.

Creative Support

Do It The Right Way

There are many new industries growing in Mexico and locals are taking advantage of them right now. If someone is deported they can receive a felony, regardless if they have never committed a crime and will have to wait ten years to reply for US citizenship. A lot of companies are looking for English speaking people and Daca students and Dreamers can benefit from these opportunities. Do it the right way and you can't lose.

Daca Dreamers Testimonials

Read the reviews from many of our happy clients

Pepe Hoya
Pepe HoyaClient Relations Manager

I have been working with Daca Dreamers Assistance Project for over three years. We have helped many people, like myself, have a good life here in Mexico. Many women and students are seeing that they can make a life here. Thank you Dolly Duff for creating this project.

Juan M Rosales
Juan M RosalesContractor Baja Californa

I spend an abnormal amount of time searching for the right support in Mexico. I contacted Dolly Duff and got a message back very quickly. I have a job and a place to live. Very happy! Thank you Dolly Duff

Bio Moreno
Bio MorenoPractitioner Nurse

I have been living in Mexico for over three years now. I didn't think I was going top have a chance at serving my deportation. I have my own business now and I love helping people. Thank you to Daca Dreamers Assistance Project and Dully Duff

Armando Gonzales
Armando GonzalesMarketing Head at Siemens

I work at a call center in Roserito Mexico. When I cam here I didn't have a job or a place to go. Dolly got me a job and a place to live when I got here. I have my own place now and I am going back to school to continue my dreams. Thasnk you Daca Dreamers Assistance Project

Your Donation Can Food And Shelter

A person that has lost their family and friends. You can bring hope to someone who didn't have a choice to go to the US.


Frequently asked questions or commonly questions tend to be the same for Daca Dreamers Assistance Project and people who have been deported. To find out more you can go to the FAQ’s tab at top of the page. We have have temporary housing, food and job placement assistance. We can help contact your family in the states and if you have assets in the US we can help you secure them. We do not and phone number due to ICE tapping phones. You can contact us on Facebook as well for fastest response.

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Join Our Support Team