What Is Asset Protection

Asset Protection was created as a method for protecting a person or person’s money, home, and any other valuable items that might be deemed as an asset. Just like many fiancéal institutes, Daca Dreamers Assistance Project helps an individual plan and protect their assets from being lost or taken over by individuals or business entities. We have a wonderful legal team and we have helped many many people over the years. It is our mission to save lives and

We operate within all US guidelines regarding asset protection and we do our best to protect deportee's personal, business and some pensions assets they have accumulated while they were in the United States. (Note) not all things considered an asset by individuals may not be deemed an asset to regulations or company policies in the states. It's a good practice to do some research about being deported and what might happen to someone's belongings after being deported. We encourage Daca students, Dreamers, and the LGBT community to be prepared so they can feel secure if something were to happen. Daca Dreamers Assistance Project is here to help you.

How We Help With Asset Protection

Asset Protection with Daca Dreamers Assistance Project was created for a preparation service for Daca students and Dreamers and asnyone else in fear of deportation. People are so scared of being deported but we have seen them come to Mexico and wonder to themselves... "Why didn't I protect my assets" Once someone is deported they have a greater chance of losing most to everything they have in the US or established.

When a person is deported they can receive a felony on their record which, in turn, would prevent them from applying for legal citizenship for at least 10 years If eligible. On top of that, you don't know how long you will be in the detention center and what could be possibly happening with your assets. We establish a financial foundation for Daca students and Dreamers as a backup plan because we have seen so many lose so much. They were caught off guard and weren't prepared for deportation. There is no reason not to protect yourself or your belongings. Security is freedom! It's our mission to help protect the assets of Daca students, Dreamers and anyone else afraid of losing everything if they are deported.


The process is very simple. 

  1. A person can call us or schedule an appointment to meet with you and your family or friends. We can meet in the US or you can come to Mexico to talk about your options if possible. 
  2. We would take an assessment of you, your family and your assets.
  3. We would then determine what can be protected and take action to secure those assets. Remember, not all "assets" deemed by the party may be considered an Asset. There are regulations and guidelines that some companies or entities apply to their investment polocies. 
  4. Our legal team would then take you through a thorough process of what will happen from beginning to end. 

Daca sudents, Dreamers and LGBT Community Members

We have seen so many sydents and dreamers lose everything because they failed to take action to protect themselves from these tragities. Some Dreamers have house, children and others are young students who have no training or idea what can happen to they're belongings if deported. Too many of them are affrid of being deported they don't even take the time to resreach based on what we have hread from the people we have worked with. In our experince it is better to plan, to protect all that a person has worked so hard for and still be able to enjoy it if they were to be deported. It's our mission to keep these people safe and have the best experience if that trasition took place. It's our hope for all Daca and Dreamers to have a great future in the US but it better to be protected than being in a plce with nothing and no one to turn to.