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Our offices are in Roserito, Baja California and We have ambassadors in San Deigo California. We encourage immigrants to come to Mexico volunarily for many reasons. We understand that most people who go to the US are looking for a new life and want to experience "a better life' but in many cases it's just not the case. The US is getting more strictor and making it hard for immigrants to become a legal citizen. Mexico is chaning and growing to become more ecomonically friendly for the peiople who live there. If someone is deported it is most likely they will recieve a foloney on their record. Which in turn won't be able to apply for legal status in the US for up to 10 years. And that that could be "maybe" for most. We also encourage those who are choosing to stay to protect themselves. Living in fear is one thing but not having a backup plasn can be devastating if deported. think about it you worked hard all those years and then loose it all because you weren't prepared. Be prepared and live smart. Your life and family depend on it.

Help Keep Daca Dreamers Safe From Harm

Temporary housing is located in communities with 24 hour security and close to the beach in most case. There aer many stores and local shops for clothing and food and restaurants to enjoy. Rosarito is a growing community with many opportunities for starting a business, working with local businesses to further ones skill set and job placement opportunities for individuals who want to try something new. There are also many tourists that come to Rosarito and many local businesses are looking for English and Spanish speaking people to work with them. Tourists find Rosarito to be a safe and fun experience and with the surounding cities and towns close by.

Daca Dreamers And LGBT Community

Many for the people we support here in Mexico who ar deported are Daca students, Dreamers, women, and the LGBT community. We are here to help them and keep them safe. The truth is that many who are deported and left at the border with no family or friends in Mexico are targets for harm. It isn't that Mexico is a bad place, just like any country, has good areas to live in and there are places where you need to be aware of the environment. There are people looking to take advantage of people who are scared, vulnerable and nieve to the country. Traffickers and kidnappers are looking for these types of people to use them for sex, slavery and workers to force their will upon them. In the end, it is better to have a plan and protect all that one has worked for. Regardless of the history of someone's family or story on how they got to the US the most important thing is to keep yourself and family safe if seperated. Just look at all the families that have be serated already. Children left behind with no mom or dad and some are going to shelters. Shelters are not safe and can be tramatic from children.


1. Immigration (ICE) can intercept calls and we do not want to endanger students or their families. Exposing the whereabouts of any Daca student or Dreamers to ensure their safety while starting the process of planning and protecting assets and family security.

2. All meetings with our organiztion are confidential and we encourage all members of concern to email us until the meeting is arranged between all parties that might or ar involved. Parents, attornies, friends and any other person (s) involved in helping for preparation.



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