Daca Dreamers Medical Services

Daca Dreamers Medical Services

In March 2018 thousands of students will lose their rights to be educated in the United States.  Out of some 800,000, a small percentage of these students have made application to complete their education in the US.  At some point in time ALL will be targeted for deportation!!!. The majority of these youngsters have led very sheltered lives due to the Mexican culture which believes that children should live and maintain close relationships with their families well into adult hood.

Many have never been to Mexico, and many will become victims of “prey” by unscrupulous drug traffickers, sexual predators, and those looking for an opportunity to hold for ransom innocent victims. These young women ESPECIALLY will easily become victims of the unscrupulous. Sometimes, the students are bruised and battered for many reasons. Some get abused in the deportation process, in jail if they are taken there from the states and some are abused at the borders. Some escape capture and need medical action. We work with local hospitals and clinics to help provide these services. Medical services are also required for employment in Mexico.

BCMS - Baja California Medical Services

BCMS - Baja California Medical Services is a sister company of Data Dreamers Assistance Project. The main purpose of BCMS is to provide medical treatment, job placement for students or people who in the medical field and mental health services due to the trauma that happens through deportation and the loss of family. We see a lot of Daca students, Dreamers, especially the LGBT community, stressed out, confused, broken and the feeling of loss can be overwhelming because they don’t know who to trust.

Many of them have never been to Mexico, let alone, believe all the bad stories they hear or see on the US news about this amazing country. Because many can become victims of “prey” by unscrupulous drug traffickers, sexual predators, and those looking for an opportunity to hold for ransom, we decided to provide services that can protect them and give them a safe place to rebuild their lives without the mental stresses of change. Together with supporters, Daca Dreamers Assistance Project and Baja California Medical Services, we can keep these young people safe and give them a chance to build a sound future.

About Data Dreamers Medical Services

If you know someone who has been deported or is thinking of coming back to Mexico voluntarily please contact us as soon as possible. We can help them with asset protection, contacting their loved ones, shelter and so much more. We have helped many people through the years restart their lives and some have even went back. They did it the right way and found success here in Mexico and the US. We encourage all Dreamers and Daca to come back to Mexico and learn about this growing country.

High tech companies are coming to Mexico to provide a more current work force of technologies, hospitality services, driving services and much more. Many of these companies desire English speaking people because more and more Americans are coming to Mexico to retire. Americans realize after coming to Mexico that you can have a great life here and enjoy the culture. Many start businesses here and are helping the locals have a better life by bringing their ideas here. you can contact us on Facebook, Instagram, or through our website.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Daca-Dreamers-Assistance-Project-256741535211514/

Website: dacadreamers.net

Email: BCMS.dacadreamers@gmail.com

Daca Dreamers Assistance Project needs your support to raise funds and supplies so we can continue to provide these amazing services for these young people. Keeping them safe from harm and traffickers looking to exploit for their own gain. If you shop on Amazon you can click on this link, sign in to your account on Amazon and after you buy 5% of your total cart items will go to Daca dreamers.

Amazon Link: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/35-2635731