Our Services

Temporary Housing

We provide temporary and permanent housing in secure communities in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. We have many resources and providers. Daca Dreamers has commited supporters who provide their homes for deportess and the many services we provide. The housing program allow us to assess the indeviduals coming in to see how we can help them transition. The house’s are well kept and we expect the people coming in to respect the homes of our supporters.


Contact Services

Contact services provides free phone calls to the US and Mexico for people who have had their phones and property taken after being deported.



Asset Protection

We help migrants establish a financial foundation in Mexico. From gathering their assets and belongings from the US, opening a bank account or securing a trust, we can help you. We have legal services to help with immigration issues and more.


Food And Clothing

Daca Dremers Assistance Project works with other organizations and local people whop have come through the program who love to support this project. People provide clothing and meals for those in need of support.


Career Services

Daca Dreamers works with different supporters in different industries. We get students with degrees to little or no work experience. We provide a assessment test that helps us determine job placement. Students have even started their own business through our program.


Medical Services

Some deportees come to Mexico with trauma or wounds after being deported. We provide medical care and mental health services to ensure their safety while dealing with such a dramatic change. To be employed in Mexico you will need a medical certificate to get a job.