Daca Dreamers Assistance Project

We believe in preserving humanity and building a community of people who work together to create a safe environment for people to grow. We provide services for people who have been deported or are looking to come back to Mexico voluntarily. Our services were design to help someone who doesn’t know the country or how the environments and support them with opportunities to have a safe transition while they focus on getting stable in Mexico and acquiring legal status in the US.

Daca Dreamers Assistance Project is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) Corporation that started in (what year). This project is dedicated to the founders’ daughter (Dolly Duff) Kim Dorne Duff White who was a great inspiration to her family and the people she helped along the way.

Daca Dreamers Assistance Project has been helping deportees for over 10 years as a sponsor in Mexico and doing our best to preserve life for the youth of our generation. Keeping people safe and starting a new life in Mexico has been fun and rewarding for Daca Dreamers and us as an organization.

Our Mission For Daca Students and Dreamers

Our company was created to help Mexican deportees from the United States who arrived at the San Ysidro Border, an opportunity to find employment in Rosarito or to help them start their own business. Isidro Diaz, my partner and I, found all too soon that funding for the project was never going to come from donations. Too many people believed that all Mexicans were criminals, so we funded the project ourselves.

Over the years, we helped many find work in the construction trades, as mechanics, in restaurants and factories; many now have their own business. Many worked long hours to find enough money to join their families in other parts of Mexico. We want to save these young people from having to waste time living in fear and waisting time working in the wrong job or environment when they have so much more to offer Mexico and their families. A lot of the Daca Dreamers that come to Mexico have no idea how to speak the language or where to go for help and let alone who can use their skills to help a local business grow.


Note: Parents who have students who are Daca students must know that if your children are under the age of 18 years old there is a greater chance of them being put in a foster home. Parents that are deported can be a traumatic experience for a young person wh not yet ready to take care of themselves. If you know parents of a Daca student or a family member who takes care of a family financially and who isn’t legally a US citizen… Please have them contact us it would be a great tragedy to see a family fall apart because of a lack of preparation. Talk to all relatives, friends or teachers that might be willing to support a person if the head of house hold is deported. If you would like some ideas about how to protect yourself and family you can email us at BCMS.dacadreamers@gmail.com. All information is confidential and isn’t shared with anyone outside of our organization or department of coaches and mentors.



Where Do Donations Go For Daca Students?

All donations are distributed to all the services that we provide for Daca students, Dreamers, and the LGBT community.  We provide housing in safe communities, food, and clothing along with medical services for job placement or injuries that may have happened during deportation. Because Baja entertains a lot of terrorists most companies are seeking people who speak English.

This is good for the students that come here because the pay is better and there is more opportunity to grow. We provide job placement for the most part with medical services, restaurants, and hospitality services. If you have any questions about job placement and how it works you can always message us with your questions. BCAM.dacadreamers@gmail.com

You Can Help Us Spread The Word For Daca

One of our goals is to reach as many Daca students and parents who have family members who want to prepare themselves in case of deportation of a loved one or who know someone who has been deported. We can send ambassadors to schools, associations, churches, and organizations to share this important message. The intention is to keep people who are deported safe and to give them a different perspective about Mexico and the many possibilities to have a successful life in this amazing country. Our legal team is amazing and we also can present to immigration attorneys, CEO of a corporation and any other professionals that might be interested in supporting these young people.

Our non-profit is also seeking sponsorships for companies who have a passion for preserving life. Other types of support we are looking for are fundraisers and grant writers. These are areas we lack in at the moment and could really use the support. there are many young women and Daca students who are apart of the LGBT community who are being targeted. The more help we have the more lives we can save from this traumatic experience. Our medical services provide mental health services as well. Together, we can help change and preserve life for the future of our countries.


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